The future of marketing

What is the future of marketing?

The marketing of the future speaks to people. Even with postcards.

Opening your mailbox, the real physical one, and finding a postcard inside. Who wouldn’t like that?

Today we are overwhelmed by a series of marketing campaigns that earn conversions in the best of cases, but which do not perform well enough to justify economic and time commitments.

Personal. Measurable. Targetable.

How do we imagine it?

Customised B2B or B2C communication will always be more used by brands who want to grow and give their customers value.

Postcards are a natural part of this process for both printing and delivery and with regards to customer data management.

Pemcards has created a tool with easy integration to support your company’s marketing as we look towards the future of marketing.

Il futuro del marketing

The future is already here.

It communicates with people using postcards. Get in touch to find out how to get started with the service.