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Yes, we print and send postcards every day. Postcards are delivered across the world.

Yes, Pemcards is a tool that can be integrated into your website or app in just a few minutes. It allows you to have your customers send postcards directly from your platforms.

Yes, there are many ways to earn with Pemcards! Try integrating the Pemcards tool or selling credits valid on the Pemcards app and web app.

Yes. Each postcard sent by your community and Customers can include your logo, a CTA and a link to your digital conte

The postcards arrive within seven working days if sent in Italy and fourteen working days if sent in the rest of the world.

Yes. We can transform your newsletters into real paper postcards to send to your contacts’ homes for greater engagement.

Credits purchased by businesses are valid for 730 days.

They can be used for one or several campaigns.

Each campaign has an expected duration, a choice of credit (free word or unique credits), the number of credits involved in the campaign and the banner.

If there are credits left over on the expiration date, they return to the customer’s wallet.

Pemcards has been inspired by social and environmental responsibility criteria. As we are aware of the impact of the product (paper) on the environment, our actions result in:

  • Use of FSC paper;
  • Contribution to reforestation by planting one tree for every thousand postcards sent (it is estimated that around 70,000 postcards can be created from the paper produced by one tree).

We also have a mid-term objective:

Production, printing and delivery of Pemcards postcards near the destination so as to reduce emissions from logistics and waiting times for recipients (we currently have printing centres in Italy, the United States and Brazil).

Compared to a post on social networks or newsletter, your company reaches unknown leads or chosen targets with a tool that has a 100% read rate (who wouldn’t read a postcard from a friend?).

In addition, the display time for your brand is at least three months (average acquired on historical Pemcards).

Can you also send selfies?

Of course! They’re basically the most sent images. 80% of the postcards sent by PemCards are selfies.