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Pemcards studies, designs and creates marketing solutions combined with sophisticated object, face and sentiment detect algorithms, and behaviour and tracking image recognition to offer high ROI performance. Perfect for your company and as a partner for marketing agencies.

Pemcards services for business – lead generation campaigns, loyalty and revenue – have a dual aim: they allow the collection of data, important activities for companies and increase the possibility of earning customer loyalty.

Performance examples

The performance of some Pemcards campaigns

Organised travel sector
Tourism brands received up to 72% of conversions from credits to real postcards.
Tourism destination sector
Tourist destination consortiums in specific areas have implemented over 50 widgets on their websites.
Beauty and cosmetics sector
More than 65,000 potential leads generated thanks to the Pemcards profiling method for brands in this sector.
Pharmaceutical and e-commerce sector
More than 41% of recipients of a CtA designed for a pharmaceutical brand interacted and responded
Why physical post?

Why direct mailing? Because that's what the numbers say.

of millennial parents affirm that paper advertising leads them to make purchases online;
of millennials read paper adverts and retailer inserts; 64% prefer receiving them in the post (direct mail);
of millennials believe that direct mail is trustworthy; 24% are more likely to show mail to others;
of millennial parents affirm that paper advertising leads them to make purchases online;
of people believe that the post is more personal than emails;
of millennial consumers are more inclined to make a purchase after having seen an advert which is presented on both online and offline channels;

Source: Experian, “5 reasons why direct mail has an impact on millennials,” July 2020.

Brand recall is 70% higher for direct mail (75%) than for digital media (44%);

source: WCO Direct

Direct mail increases omnichannel performance by 63%;
Brand recall is 40% higher if an email is followed up by direct mail
The response rate is highest if a digital advertisement is followed up by direct mail;
A recent survey of omnichannel marketing respondents found that 83% achieved a good or very good ROI on omnichannel campaigns with a direct mail component, compared to 51% who did not use direct mail;
recorded a moderate to greater improvement in performance when they added personalisation to their direct mail campaigns, compared to 52% who did not;

Source: Brand United: “The direct mail channel is fundamental for omnichannel success,” October 2020.

of direct mail recipients read or scan the post they receive;
Recipients of direct mail purchase 28% more items and spend 28% more money than people who do not receive the same content by direct mail;
of ROI on direct mail;
Processing direct mail requires 21% less cognitive effort than email;
of American consumers affirm that they prefer being contacted by brands through direct mail because they can read it when they choose;

Source: USPS

direct mail open rate, whereas only 20-30% of emails are opened (source: DMN)
the items of direct mail that the average family receives for every 157 emails (source: USPS Marketer’s Guide);
of consumers prefer traditional post when dealing with non-requested offers (source: Direct Marketing Association);
of generation Y affirms that they love reading paper marketing more than digital adverts (source: Gallup survey);
of people read or scan post every day (source: USPS);
of under 30s look forward to checking their mailbox every day (source: Gallup);
of consumers find reading the post more useful than going online (source: USPS Household Diary Study);
of millennials consider messages printed on paper to be more trustworthy than digital messages (source: USPS);

*All data refers to the American market, which is currently the most surveyed market.

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uo to 40%
of recipients deepen the content on the campaign link through postcards bearing your brand name, a specially designed call to action and the campaign link.
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